11 January 2013

Empties: December 2012

Models Own / WAH Nail Art Pen
I'm a bit gutted this is now dead, I was refilling it and continuing to use it which worked because the striped brush is good and the dotting end was always clear and worked too. However the lid got stuck on and I ended up twisting it all beyond repair. If I find the newer compact sized one for cheaper than RRP I will repurchase.

Dove Conditioner - Colour Radiance
I got this with a magazine if I remember correctly, I found it was nice enough. Left my hair silky but not enough to make me want to purchase a full sized bottle.

Satsuma Body Butter
Really fresh satsuma scent and is nicely moisturising on dry elbows and knees - full review here

Classics Nail Polish Remover
Nothing to complain about, does what you would expect a nail polish remover to do!

Avon Shower Gel - Winter Delight
Smelt like mulled wine, slightly warming effect. Not a must have for me.

L'Occitane Hand Cream - Cocoa Flower (LE)
Another free with a magazine product. Really like how moisturising the L'Occitane hand creams are, I think they contain 20% shea butter which is really good. I would repurchase this but perhaps in the original scent or if I can find it the Desert Rose.

Montagne Jeunesse - Blemish Mud - Face Mask
Love this, had a instant visual improvement affect on my skin. Will be stocking up on these! - Full review here



  1. I love the Classics remover, cheap and really good stuff. I go through more than is probably necessary so its probably just as well its cheap!


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