15 January 2013

Shopping: December 2013

Not so much as a haul as I didn't buy any of these things. These were gifts from various people for Christmas, I was very good in December and didn't buy anything for myself. Not that I needed to!

Lush Party Popper, Sanctuary - Energizing Shower Gel, Sanctuary - Body Lotion, Classics - Nail Polish Remover, Avon Advanced Techniques - Moroccan Oil, Candle, Gloves, Lush - Ickle Baby Bot, Charlie - Edge, ELF - Pink Lemonade Color Stick, Lush - Fun - Pink, Skull Glass, Nail Polish Corrector Pen, Pets Rock Mini Emery boards, Black French Tip Stickers, Hair Grips, ELF - Nourishing Cuticle Pen, ELF - Make Up Remover Pen, ELF - Custom Eyes - Aubergine, MUA - Mosaic Blusher, Boots Lipsalve x2, Avon Lipsalve, Black Mosaic Pot, Tissues, NBC Novelty Money, ELF - Quad - Hazy Hazel, Flirt - Nail Bling.

*phew* I was totally spoilt this year! If you want a review on anything particular let me know. Oh and before I forget I was also bought lots of nail polish too...

I am pretty sure there are more things I received in December but haven't photographed them. As a reminder I am not posting these 'hauls' or as this is presents to show off, just for those nosy people who have asked to see these sorts of posts.

Thank you to everyone who got me something it is well and truly appreciated!


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