12 February 2013

Review: Gelous Advanced Nail Gel Coat

Yet again I seem to have not reviewed a staple product in my nail wardrobe. I use this every other time I do my nails, every other time it is original Nail Envy from OPI.

As you can see it comes in a matte nail polish bottle, and while the bottle is matte the product is not. It as the name suggests is quite gel like in formulation, quite thick but not too thick and doesn't take forever to dry. This dries normally rather than with a UV lamp as the name may suggest.

"Instantly strengthens, hardens and reinforces weak nails. Gelous nail gel coat creates a protein-rich coating and adds a measurable thickness" - Sally's

I use this as a base coat, it helps keep my nails long because it adds another layer of thickness and stops them from breaking off if I catch them on something. Very similar to the way that Perfect Formula products work, this is clear though whereas there flagship product has a pink tinge to it to disguise yellowness on the nails.

However this is where this product comes in to its own because not only is it a base coat but it can be used as a topcoat. You know when you wear a glitter or a particularly gritty finish polish (not even one which is supposed to be textured) and it catches on things even with a top coat, well a couple of coats of this and that problem is solved!

I would recommend this to anyone who struggles with their nails keeping any sort of length, and to people who can't bare that clicking and catching you sometimes find polishes do in your hair and clothes.

Gelous: Advanced Nail Gel Coat 15ml
Only available at Sally's Beauty Supply not Boots, Superdrug etc.



  1. Ooh I'll look out for this! It's exactly the sort of thing I need!

  2. Use this all the time. I agree, it's a staple! :)

  3. where can i bay it
    i'm from portugal

    1. It is from Sally's Beauty, if you don't have one of those in your country then try eBay or Amazon :)


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