5 February 2013

Review: Soap and Glory - Face Soap and Clarity

I have put this through its paces, and used it all up. If you have used a product up to the end then I think it makes you a good person to offer a review. Now the claims according to Soap and Glory are:

"3-IN-1 DAILY-DETOX VITAMIN C FACIAL WASH RRP £7.00 - 150ML A high-tech, gentle non-drying foaming facial wash, formulated with complexion-friendly, easy-rinse surfactants and special SUPERFRUIT™ PLUM skin brightening complex"

What are the claims? 
+ Daily Facial wash, yes that it is and it isn't abrasive so is perfect for using everyday.
+ None Drying Formula: Yes this is really good for that, I usually get a awful tight face after cleansing my face but with this it I didn't get uncomfortable. Yes I would recommend using a moisturiser but not in a 'quick my face hurts' kind of way.
+ Foaming: Yes is was slightly foaming.
+ Complexion friendly surfactants: It has some teeny beads in there which are ever so slightly scrubby. Nothing of use to be honest. But then again this is designed to be a daily wash.
- High Tech:  Not sure what is high tech about a facial wash unless you used it with a clarisonic or something similar.
- Superfruit Plum Skin Brightening Complex: What is 'superfruit plum?' very random claim.

Overall it mostly does what it says on the tin, so to speak. It cleans your face and doesn't leave it feeling horrifically tight the way some washes do. For me I think there are similar things on the market for a lower price tag. This isn't something I would consider repurchasing at the RRP, however Boot's often have 3 for 2 deals on which does make it a lot more appealing.

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