24 February 2013

Swatch: Ninja Polish - Girly Floam

Floam polish was originally concocted by Nail Venturous and was a green and yellow matte glitter. Since then there has been an agreement where Ninja Polish makes the floam. Since the original was a complete hit there has been around ten different and new versions.

This is Girly Floam, which is matte glitter in a clear base polish. The glitter is a light is a light pink and a mid lilac. Below is four coats of the glitter, and at that point it was getting a little thick.

No top coat, four coats of Girly Floam;


With topcoat;



  1. ooo I really like this
    do you remember the weird toy 'floam'? it looked so gross haha

  2. the original floam is based on that toy, i don't remember it though. Looks like play doh or plastacine i think?


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