26 February 2013

Swatch: Seventeen (17) - Rock Hard Nail Effects Blue

seventeen-17-rock-hard-nail-effects-blue-textured-nail-polishThis is a quick swatch of some new polish! The brand is Seventeen which is the rebrand of 17, a Boots own make up brand. From the look of this it looks very similar to the Barry M textured polishes. I don't own those as they were way too colourful for me to want! They were all pastel, I much prefer this dark coloured one, I also got the black. This I would describe as a navy rather than a blue which the name suggests. On the nail in doors it looks black.

This is not the same as the Nails Inc Leather effect polishes as it is more of a gritty finish.

Finish: Textured, gritted, doesn't catch hair etc.
Brush Type: Wide and flat, not as wide as OPI
How Much? 10ml


£3.99 - 10ml

What do you think of the texturised nail trend?


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