25 February 2013

Tutorial: Dita Von Teese Nails / Nude Half Moons

I thought it was about time I did another nail tutorial and the first thing which came to mind was Dita Von Tease nude half moon nails. Looks very classy and has a nod to the 1950's trend.

What will you need?
Hole reinforcers - You can get a pack of these in WHSmith, Rymans any stationary shop, eBay also has some. Under £2 for 500 of these makes for a very cheap manicure, as you can also use them for french manicures if you like too.

Red Polish - I used Miss Sporty 160 a shimmer red
Base coat
Top coat

So paint your nails with a base coat, wait until that is dry then using the hole reinforcers cut in half stick them on to your nails like this;


Paint on your nail polish, working one nail at a time, and then quickly remove the reinforcer 

Once it is dry then topcoat the nails, and that is you done. 

Nude half moon, Dita Von Teese inspired nails

If you like the look of these nails I have also done a tutorial with a coloured half moon rather than a beige.  Both are really easy to do and makes any length nail look lovely.

This tutorial is an entry to the MoneySupermarket's Money Smart Nail Art Tips!



  1. These are lovley :D



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