4 March 2013

Nails: Tiger Print

I am quite fed up of all of this cold. I am freezing and can't feel my fingers, and the thought of using freezing cold polish remover on my fingers is not appealing. Something a lot brighter and cheerful is what I ordered so the tiger print is what I came up with!

Cheerful enough? I was also given another Liebster Award, find out more about that here.



  1. haha i've had that problem with acetone the last couple times i've done my nails! I was wondering if it was just the acetone or if it really was that could!

    these are cute though! Love the colors.

    1. I guess it depends where you live. It's been around freezing here for a good few weeks, hope the weather perks up soon :)

  2. RAWR! Super cute!!! Did you use a brush to make the stripes? I would love to try tiger stripes!

  3. Wow these are certainly cheerful! Love them!


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