8 March 2013

Review: Lush - Party Popper Bath Ballistic

lush-bath-ballistic-party-popper-review-enigmatic-ramblesParty Popper - Bath Ballistic
This bath ballistic was from the Christmas 2012 collection but with any  luck it will be resurrected!

So what do Lush say about this?
"This fruity, fizzy party piece is a movable feast of delights. Contains everything you need for a celebration in your own bathtub. Drop a Party Popper cone in your bath and watch it spin into action, as it goes on a spree across your bath spreading colours, fragrance, popping candy and soap confetti. Softening your bathwater, fragrancing your skin and washing you clean".

Does it meet the claims?
Well it claims to be a party in the bath, I can say hand on heart I have never had a party in the bath before and with the adding of a bath ballistic this didnt happen! However, it certainly did spit out colour and fragrence around in the bath, which you can see in the video I took while it was happening. I wasn't sure what it was spitting out, random chunks of something but I think those orange bits were the soap confetti pieces. I didn't notice any popping candy going off the same way which for example Cinders does.

lush-bath-ballistic-party-popper-review-enigmatic-ramblesThe scent was quite fruity which was presently surprising, fresh orange but warmed with bergamont. Scent lingers on the skin for around twelve hours. The water turned out a pink tone and didn't make any bubbles (although this wasn't supposed to). Would make a lovely cocktail with a chunk of The Comforter I think.

New formulation for a bath ballistic according to Lush, has added soap. Which is there so you can wash yourself with it. To be fair this isn't a hard task, if they invented one which shaved your legs for you now that would be amazing! Downside is the amount of bits which were left over from 'the party' so clean up was needed.


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