17 March 2013

Round Up: ABC Challenge

So the ABC Nail Challenge is now complete and it is time to move on to new things. However in case I or you ever want to look back and reminisce about the nail designs I did for the challenge then we can do here.
Original challenge ran from September 2012 to March 2013.

If you'd like to see the photos then click to read more.

This is the ABC of Nails Challenge, once weekly there was a letter based theme.
Being ran over on Llama Nails on Facebook.

Check each blog post separately here or continue reading for them all in one place.

A - 12.Sept.12 - A is for Aqua
B - 19.Sept.12 - B is for Bees
C - 26.Sept.12 - C is for Crackle
D - 3.Oct.12 - D is for Depression Awareness
E - 10.Oct.12 - E is for Evil
F - 17.Oct.12 - F is for Filigree
G - 24.Oct.12 - G is for Ghoulish
H - 31.Oct.12 - H is for Houndstooth
I - 7.Nov.12 - I is for Ice Lolly
J - 14.Nov.12 - J is for Japanese Flag
K - 21.Nov.12 - K is for Kiwi Fruit
L - 28.Nov.12 - L is for Leaves
M - 5.Dec.12 - M is for Man of Snow
N - 12.Dec.12 - N is for Nirvana
O - 19.Dec.12 - O is for Oh Christmas Tree...
P - 26.Dec.12 - P is for Purple
Q - 2.Jan.13 - Q is for Quack!
R - 9.Jan.13 - R is for Robot
S - 16.Jan.13 - S is for Stars
T - 23.Jan.13 - T is from Trumpet Fail
U - 30.Jan.13 - U is for Umbrella
V - 6.Feb.13 - V is for V Shaped
W - 13.Feb.13 - W is for Wub!
X - 20.Feb.13 - XXXX
Y - 27.Feb.13 - Y is for YouTube
Z - 6.Mar.13 - Z is for Zippy


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