7 April 2013

Empties: March 2013

More empties this past month, including my go to deep treatment from Aussie.

Sallys - Non acetone nail varnish remover - Does the job and is cheap enough for me. £3.89 - 500ml
Sanctuary Body Wash - Not my cup of tea really, full review coming within a month or so.
Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor - Best deep treatment conditioner I have ever tried, love the scent too (full review).

Lush's Ickle Baby Bot - Not really for me, perhaps better for children, review coming within a month or so.
Boots Natural Collection - Wild Strawberry Face Mask - Was nice enough but not something I would repurchase. Full review will be coming at some point.
La Femme - Clear - A surprisingly good polish, worked nicely as a base coat.
ELF - Teal Blue - Swatch coming later this month. Nice polish, not sure why its called teal blue, should have been just teal I think! I would repurchase.
Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie Lip Balm - As cute as this lipbalm is, and it kept on giving an giving I can't help but be disappointed. It simply isn't fudgey or chocolatey, it was a milky off white colour slightly vanilla scented. But waxy and it sort of sits on your lips feeling waxy.
Jelly Belly Very Cherry Lip Balm - Not waxy at all, I don't think it did anything for my lips really but smelled of cherry and I quite liked using it (full review).



  1. So tempted by the Aussie, three minute miracle. This makes me want to try it even more!

    Mixed Beauty

    1. If you aren't sure about it you could always get the sachet to try out, was only about a pound so if you don't get along with it you didn't waste much :)


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