3 April 2013

Fashion: Wedding Dresses

It's been almost a year and a half since I got married, but at the moment it seems as if a lot of my friends and family are all getting married. Must be around that age or something. Being one for a bargain I paid £35 for my wedding dress, a Grecian style black knee length dress. I actually paid more for my wedding cape which was hand made and customised for me and I love it.

I realise though that the majority of people prefer a long flowing white dress which costs more. It is said that on average a wedding costs over £21,000 which is mind blowing amount of money really. Mine was a mere fraction of that, but we did things on the cheap so to speak. I came across this website and the prices are quite good, so thought I'd share some wedding dresses savings.

I'm quite one for alternative black clothing, but that isn't to say I can't admire formal dresses. Or actually fashion in general. With some wedding dresses you do have to be careful not to look like a toilet roll holder! I imagine that no bride wants to look like this!

Personally I prefer a wedding dress which isn't as full, such as Kate Middleton's but perhaps with a different top section. I like the flowing skirt section, but the train was too long for my taste.

Finally a little link for those mother of the bride dresses, for me I found both mothers far more concerned with head wear than their actual dresses. It is important for the mother of the bride (and groom) to look nice but not to out do the bride. My advice would be to have a quick chat about it if you were worried, I am sure that they will compromise if you were concerned about something, after all it is your wedding day.

Lastly I find it more frustrating that the groom, groomsmen and father of the bride and groom have it so easy when it comes to what outfit to wear! Still if you save money on their outfits it means more budget on something for you, the bride, to wear.


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