26 April 2013

Hair: Tangle Teezer Regular V's Compact

I have had a fair number of people looking for a post such as this on my site and while I have a review of the regular Tangle Teezer as well as the compact one I haven't actually done one comparing the two. Hopefully this is a comprehensive enough comparison for anyone considering purchasing either.

The outer retail packaging
tangle-teezer-regular-compact-review-comparison-enigmatic-rambles tangle-teezer-regular-compact-review-comparison-enigmatic-rambles
I quite like the tag line "Cares for the Hair You Wear". Both come in plastic boxes which is a little on the flimsy side but realistically this isn't a problem.

Size comparison
tangle-teezer-regular-compact-review-comparison-enigmatic-rambles tangle-teezer-regular-compact-review-comparison-enigmatic-rambles
Basically the regular one is kidney bean shaped and is quite a bit larger than my hand, the compact version is more rectangular shaped and fits in the palm of the hand easier. The compact Tangle Teezer has a hole in the centre of it for the protective cap.

Rear of both products
tangle-teezer-regular-compact-review-comparison-enigmatic-rambles tangle-teezer-regular-compact-review-comparison-enigmatic-rambles
From this angle both of the Tangle Teezer's look sleek and similar with the branding, although the regular one has the designers signature on.

Brush bristles 
tangle-teezer-regular-compact-review-comparison-enigmatic-rambles tangle-teezer-regular-compact-review-comparison-enigmatic-rambles
On both models the brush bristles are made of flexible plastic, with two different lengths. This is why it works so well.

                     Compact Teezer
This is with the protective cap, it means when it is in your bag the plastic
bristles don't get bent and broken.
Something of note is the feel of them in your hand, the regular Tangle Teezer feels light and is hollow inside. I tend to end up flinging it across the room as it doesn't have a handle and in the two years of owning it I have managed to pull the top half apart from the bottom part but you can just push them back together.

The compact Tangle Teezer however feels quite weighty in the hand as if it isn't hollow. Feels more substantial and as it is smaller fits better in my hand and I don't tend to accidently fling it across the room. When using the compact one it does take more time to brush through my hair, but bare in mind I do have very long thick hair. It is still a lot quicker and less painful than a normal paddle brush.

Both brushes perform in the same way, minimizing pulling and ripping hair out. You can actually brush wet hair with it which is usually a complete no-no. My hair is currently 36 inches long and straight, and it glides through my hair quickly and speeds up the whole brushing business which with hair so long can easily tangle. My sister has one and her hair is very thick and very naturally curly so is a nightmare to brush when wet but she says it does a good job and makes her hair brush-able  Only thing is it makes her hair frizz up when you brush it dry but apparently there is a no brushing is a rule for curly hair! 

Also I have noticed that it is so good for brushing through wigs and hair extensions, which is fab because your hair does grow back but wigs and extensions obviously don't.

I would recommend this to anyone with kids, I remember having my head tugged at so much as a kid and this would be very helpful in that situation. Anyone with long hair or hair prone to getting tangled, curly hair especially. Suppose the only people I wouldn't bother with the recommendation would be people with a pixie crop, that said it does quite a good job at massaging your scalp even with short hair.



  1. Ooh I'll have to look into this!! I have very long hair too (though not 36 inches, but 30 or so) so I need a good brush to stop me wrecking it! I have curly hair and always brush when wet :/ x

    1. My sister has long curly hair and she says it is amazing on her wet hair. I do recommend them :)


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