19 April 2013

Review: Lush - Sex Bomb Bath Ballistic

sex-bomb-lush-review-bath-ballisticThis is a review well over due! I did do a blog post about it in a cocktail which you can find here, but for some reason as much as I love this and always repurchase it I hadn't gotten around to reviewing it.

Yes Lush products are expensive, however you can break them up in to smaller bits. Also I use them for a relaxation spa type experience rather than an everyday bath (generally I am more of a shower person). I tend to stay in the bath for up to three hours, once or twice a month. So over all it is more reasonable. It would be an expensive way to bathe daily, but if I were rolling in money I think I would! But enough of the wistful thinking and on with the review.
"This ballistic is packed full of every sensual, relaxing oil we could find. Clary sage, jasmine and ylang ylang, blended into a classic musk base. We then packed it full of soya milk, so you can step out of the bath feeling like Cleopatra" - Lush

Well I don't know about feeling like Cleopatra but I do find the bath to be very relaxing. The water as you can see turns a dusky pink and there is only one 'float-able' in the form on a sugar paper rose bud. Nothing you need to put in a sock before putting in the bath, which I would have to do if I was using Titsy Totsy.

The scent is jasmine, this really does linger on the skin well up to 24 hours, makes your sheets smell amazing as well. There is a slight scent of Ylang Ylang but that is overpowered by the jasmine. Pink, a bit girly but with the musk it makes the whole scent a little more grown up than Barbie pink. I like to pair this with The Comforter for the ultimate relaxing bath as bubbles always seem to make things feel better.

After using just half of the ballistic it leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft no need for a body lotion afterwards. Overall I really enjoy this bath ballistic and hope that Lush never discontinue it. Recommend it to everyone, unless you can't stand jasmine or are allergic to any of the ingredients that is!

£3.20 - Lush


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