5 April 2013

Review: MUA - Lip Boom It's a Situation

Alexandra-burke-MUA-make-up-academy-lip-boom-its-a-situation-swatch-review MUA - Lip Boom - It's a Situation
This is a four in one lip product:
- Glossy: Lipstick with gloss all over
- Sheer: Highlighter alone for sheer pearl finish
- Matte: Lipstick alone
- Volume: Lipstick with highlighter in centre of lips


So there are the claims, however I am not entirely happy with this product. I can't comment on the other lip boom shades as I haven't tried those. My problem with It's a Situation is the 'highlighter' end, the product is incredibly gritty, with big bits of glitter that you can feel and see on the lips.

Alexandra-burke-MUA-make-up-academy-lip-boom-its-a-situation-swatch-review   Alexandra-burke-MUA-make-up-academy-lip-boom-its-a-situation-swatch-review

That said I do actually like the formula and the colour of the lipstick end. The lipstick won't last on the lip for hours but for £3 you don't mind reapplying. Something else I quite like the the scent of the gloss / highlighter end, butterscotch angel delight. The lipstick end doesn't have much of a scent at all.

Alexandra-burke-MUA-make-up-academy-lip-boom-its-a-situation-swatch-review  Alexandra-burke-MUA-make-up-academy-lip-boom-its-a-situation-swatch-review   

The lipstick bullet comes away from the body of the product so you can keep this if you already have a spare lipstick cap. Whereas the gloss has a doe foot applicator which is attached to the body of the product.

Highlighter alone
You can see the chunks of glitter on the lips, along with a freckle...

Lipstick alone
Not the best application job, but I would recommend using a lipbrush with this darker shade for a perfect finish.

Lipstick with gloss as highlighter on cupids bow and centre of bottom lip

Lipstick and gloss all over lips

Overall I like the lipstick but not the gloss. As it is a two in one product it leaves me sitting on the fence, I won't be buying any other shades but I will be using the lipstick.

£3 - MUA Store / Superdrug


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