15 April 2013

Review: Nail Tattoos by Fake Tattoos

These are nail tattoos, however they are more of a water transfer sticker, similar to the way in which temporary tattoos work which you may remember from the 90's. I will start by showing some of the nails I have done using these stickers. While these are marketed at being a nail sticker you could just as easily actually use them on your skin as a temporary tattoo.

The nail tattoos come in a metallic pink packet, sealed with a sticker with the company logo. On the reverse of the nail tattoos are the instructions, applying these are so easy.

Basically cut the image you want from the sheet, peel off the clear plastic covering, dampen the back of the tattoo and press it gently on to the nail. Dampen it a little more and the paper backing should peel off. Make sure to topcoat it and it will last. I may do a tutorial on this as I have other water stickers I want to use.


I found out when using the bows on the spotted manicure that the tattoos are semi transparent and as such the colours didn't show up over a coloured base. They would work really well over a white polish though. The black nail tattoos however are not transparent and as such you could easily use them over various base polishes, just not something too dark as clearly something black isn't going to show up over a black base.


When I used the anchor in the nautical themed nails, I stamped one on my thumb nails and used the nail tattoos on my ring fingers. What I liked about using the tattoos is that they didn't smudge when I top coated them where as with the stamping you have to be careful with which top coat you use as well as your application technique  These stickers don't stick out from your nails which for those of you who aren't fans of textured nails will be glad to hear.


ciaté-ciate-fake-tattoo-paper-airplane-nails-headliner-enigmatic-ramblesOverall I really liked using these water stickers, they transferred easily and the designs are quite unique other than the bows. I have a fair few standard nail stickers and none of them are the same as the water transfer ones. There are quite a lot of bird ones which is something I have never actually worn on my nails before, you can see the ones I did with an addition of stamping here. These are perfect for those of us who struggle stamping or doing freehand nail art.

I was impressed with shipping time too, from Sweden to the UK was a few days. The nail tattoos are from Fake Tattoos and their prices are quite reasonable for the unique designs. I am sure to incorporate them in to some more nail art soon.

Click to see all of the nail tattoo sheets and to see which looks came from which sheet.




I attempted wearing the nail tattoos as a temporary skin tattoo, I couldn't designed what I wanted to be. Clearly me being so indecisive is why I can't decide on my next real tattoo. 

[sent for reviewing purposes, this doesn't affect my honest opinion]


  1. These are great for people like me that cant stamp or do any kind of nail art!!

    1. My thoughts exactly, they are so easy to work with :)


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