2 May 2013

Empties: April 2013

Managed to use up a fair few things this past month which is always quite good, especially as we are moving home soon! Don't want to be bringing half empty things with us really.


Boots - Hand and Nail Cream - Doubt I would repurchase this, quite a thin formula (review here).
Cowshed Cow Slip Hand Cream - Different from all the floral ones on the market, but too pricey for a repurchase (review coming soon here).
Avon - Clearskin - Cleansing Scrub - I bulk bought these about 5 years ago for some reason and finally finished using them. Sand like grit, refreshing scrub don't think I would repurchase just because I want to try out other things on the market.
Garnier Moisture Match - Moisturiser Samples - Reviews of all three will be coming soon.


Lush - Sex Bomb Ballistic - Firm favourite Lush product, will always repurchase! (review here)
Lush Rose Jam Bubbleroon - Nice but not a repurchase item (review here)
Lush - The Comforter Bubble Bar - Another firm favourite, always will repurchase (review coming tomorrow here)
Montagne Jeunesse - Iced Crystal Face Mask - Refreshing but for some reason I kept getting bits in my mouth which is not advisable! I'll review this soon.

W7 - Black - Staple, already have gotten back ups! Works for stamping too which is a bonus.
Miss Sporty - Clear - I like this but the bottle shape was a pain to get all the product out of.


I'm in the process of finding somewhere new to live and the prospect of moving is not something I like the idea of. I moved house twice in a month a few years back and that was so stressful, not to mention the amount of nails I broke! Was quite expensive hiring vans as well, luckily now there are comparison sites for that, so at least that will help. I have so many more nail polishes to move with this time and am already stressing about how I am going to pack them so they can get from A to B without breaking. Lots of bubble wrap I think? If you have any tips with this please let me know!


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  1. i use 'zewa' kitchen paper tissues to protect my stuff while moving - already bulk-bought them for the end of the month XD have fun & good luck moving!


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