31 May 2013

Lush: Coal Face or Dark Angels?

So you are in the market for a new facial cleanser, and you have decided to go for either Coal Face or Dark Angels. So how to pick between the two? Well you could always ask in a Lush branch, the staff are usually quite knowledgeable about their products. If not then hopefully this guide will help.
[photo from: lush.co.uk]

"Where angels fear to tread. We invented this as an alternative to Angels on Bare Skin for people with oilier skins. Rhassoul mud, charcoal and black sugar combine to create a very absorbent and exfoliating cleanser" - lush.co.uk

[photo from: lush.co.uk]

"Designed for oilier skins, this soap is gentle enough for the face, but don’t stop there, what’s good for the face is great for the body too. Coalface includes liquorice infusion for softening and charcoal which absorbs grease and gently exfoliates the skin" - lush.co.uk

Both are similar in terms of being aimed at the same skin type; combination / oily skin type. Coal Face is a bar of soap essentially and is easier to work with compared to the paste Dark Angels which you have to add a little water to in order to create a paste. 

Both do a great job of cleansing the skin, both make your face black so you have to be careful when rinsing it off your face if you were at a sink rather than in the shower as it may stain your clothes.

Coal Face does have little bits in it which does exfoliate your skin, where as there is a lot more grit to the Dark Angels.

So if you are looking for something easy to use daily then I would recommend Coal Face.

Looking for something to exfoliate with a couple of times a week, which is a little more difficult to work with then Dark Angels.

Really there is a place in your cleansing routine for both products if you have oily skin. If you do venture in to a physical shop then you can ask for the advice of the sales people and even ask for samples, this will really help you to decide which of the two you prefer to purchase if not both of them.


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