25 May 2013

Review: Garnier - Moisture Match Protect and Glow

As you can see this is the tester which I got from here, not sure how long this is going for though. So one of the moisturisers I was recommended was this one, Protect and Glow for Normal Skin. I have combination skin and was interested to see how this moisturiser worked with my skin.

"Combining SPF 20 with an extremely lightweight and oil-free texture. Plus its light reflecting pearls will give you that just-got-back-from-the-beach glow, without the tan lines. Skin looks more radiant, with a healthy-looking glow, and protected from the sun. The formula helps leave skin feeling hydrated for up to 24 hours" - Garnier

This is a lotion type moisturiser and it smells mildly floral, it has a SPF 20 in it which is something I prefer. The moisturiser didn't feel sticky or thick the way in which some SPF lotions can, and it didn't leave me with a ghostly cast. Left my skin nicely moisturised although a little bit shiny, so not something I could use without wearing make up over. 

Nice enough, if you have normal skin and are looking for a moisturiser with an SPF then I would recommend it. I quite liked it for my face where as a SPF lotion is better for arms and legs, it has potential for a purchase.

You can also see the review I did for the Wake Me Up Moisture Match here.


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