18 May 2013

Review: Garnier - Moisture Match Wake Me Up

As you can see this is the tester which I got from here, not sure how long this is going for though. So one of the moisturisers I was recommended was this one, Wake me Up for Dull Skin. I have combination skin and dull is something my skin simply isn't. 

"A gel that feels like an immediate splash of freshness on your skin – a real wake-up call! It’s oil-free and super quick to absorb, giving you a feeling of hydration that lasts all day! Leave the house looking fresh-faced and ready to take on the day. The formula helps leave your skin feeling hydrated for up to 24 hours" - Garnier

The texture is gel like which is interesting, I have tried a gel moisturiser before and quite liked using it. This moisturiser is quite heavily scented, although it does say it is suitable for sensitive skin. The scent is of clean citrus, yes I fail at describing scents but it isn't as in your face as say a lemon citrus.

It left my face very shiny for hours after using it, my husband commented that I looked like I'd been perspiring and that was about 5 hours after using it. So I don't really think this moisturiser is for me, it says it is great for 'leaving the house in' which is something I will not be doing! Leaves your skin with a luminous look, well that claim is certainly true! Lets hope the other two moisturisers I was matched with fit my combination skin needs better than this one. If you want to look 'luminous' then I would say this could well be the moisturiser for you. 


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