3 May 2013

Review: Lush - The Comforter Bubble Bar

lush-the-comforter-bubble-bar-bath-review-enigmatic-ramblesAnother well over due a review on the blog Lush product. This is a staple for me and can be broken up in to three or four pieces and still get the same effect. I like using this in combination with Sex Bomb, but it is nice enough to use alone.

Yes Lush products are expensive, I tend to use them for a relaxation spa type experience rather than an everyday bath (generally I am more of a shower person). I tend to stay in the bath for up to three hours, once or twice a month. So over all it is more reasonable.

lush-the-comforter-bubble-bar-bath-review-enigmatic-rambles"This isn’t called the Comforter for nothing. We threw everything we had at this one, to make it warming, comforting and reassuring. At times when you feel you need to protect yourself from the world - immerse yourself in this pink bath and allow the familiar oils to envelop you in a comforting berry scented embrace" - Lush

I really enjoy this bubble bar, it is really is comforting. Perfect for when you feel down and as Lush suggest in need of a hug, in genuinely does make me smile. Yes it does turn the water a pink colour, which isn't my thing that doesn't matter the scent is quite vibrant from the cassis oils (yummy blackcurrant). 

I break my bar in to three or four pieces and even from that you get a good amount of bubbles which always makes things feel more decadent. The bubbles also keep the heat in which is good when you loiter in the bath for a long time allowing all of the oils to get to work.

Overall I cannot recommend this bubble bar enough. It is quite a girly bar but I'm sure even the most masculine of men will have a soft spot for the blackcurrant bubble bar!

£4.25 - Lush


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