24 May 2013

Review: Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL - FOAM

This has to be the longest review in the works I have ever done! I originally used one of these on my hair waay back in November 2011 and then I went off dyeing my hair with permanent dyes until April 2013 when I used up the other pot. As the base colour of my hair was vastly different the same colour dye turned out totally different each time.

So this is the pots the product comes in:


And this is the contents spilt out:


Basically you add the powder and the liquid in to the pot the product came in, shake it (with the lid on) for 20 shakes and it turns in to foam:

Schwarzkopf-Live-Color-XXL-FOAM-499-review-violet-berry-burst Schwarzkopf-Live-Color-XXL-FOAM-499-review-violet-berry-burst Schwarzkopf-Live-Color-XXL-FOAM-499-review-violet-berry-burst

I found that the product turning in to foam does actually help spread the product throughout the hair. I usually use 2 boxes of dye for my hair however with the foam I used just the one, this was when my hair was around BSL (bra strap length). The second time I used this I was only dyeing the top half of my hair and I used the whole pot just on that section, although my hair is now a lot longer, past waist length.

As usual I managed to dye my face, forehead, etc. However I actually found the foam very difficult to control and it was very easy to dye everything in sight with the foam compared to usual cremé dye. That said I am clumsy so there was always going to be a level of messing up.


The first time I dyed my hair with this dye my hair was black and so the colour was more of a black with a hint of auburn, which was odd seeing as the dye was supposed to be violet.


Second time I dyed my hair with it, it was over light brown and if left my hair a deep brown reddy colour. Again nothing violet or even slightly purple. There is a little purple streak peeking out, but that is because I dyed the bottom half of my hair purple, the top layer is what I dyed using this dye.

So overall it was easier to spread throughout your hair than the cremé dyes you can get, however this did make the whole experience more messy. It didn't drip though which was one of the claims. I couldn't leave the house for two days because the dye had stained my forehead! It smelt fruity but mixed with ammonia but not something you would need to open a window for while using.

Would I use it again? I doubt it, purely because of the amount of mess it made. If I were to cut my hair I may give it another go but for the mean time I will be sticking to my directions violet for the under layer of my hair and the traditional XXL live colour dyes.


  1. Thank you for this - I'm coming up to my yearly hair dye (I wear wigs apart from in the Summer) and I've been debating these, but I make so much mess anyway, I think I'll skip these and go for a 'normal' dye!

    1. If you tend to make a mess of things with 'normal' dyes then you probably will with this. Its a shame because in theory it works so well!


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