30 May 2013

Review: Spiked Bracelet


Maxnina is a online store which sells wedding dresses, clothes and jewellery and do free shipping worldwide. I was sent this bracelet to review; Silver Exaggerated Tapered Personality Bracelet. Quite a mouthful!

This is the silver bracelet, but it also comes in gold. It looks as if it is made from metal but the spikes are so light they have to be made from plastic. Not that that distracts from the look, I have worn actual metal spiked bracelets and cuffs before and when layering those up it can get quite heavy.

I think alone it looks a little lonely so I would style it with more bracelets to give it a more layered look.


All of the others are from Primark except the skull bracelet which you can get from BuyInCoins (for 67p inc p&p!).


Shipping from China to the UK was around 3-4 weeks for the jewellery which is about average, unless it is December then it takes a lot longer. It came well packaged inside of the plastic pouch and inside of a padded envelope.

Maxnina - £4.46

[sent for reviewing purposes, this doesn't affect my honest opinion]

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