28 May 2013

Review: Veet - Easy Wax Electrical Roll-On Kit

I was sent this Electrical Roll-On Kit for reviewing purposes. My preferred method of hair removal is shaving, I find it works (although I am forever nicking my knees and ankles) in the past I have dabbled with cold wax strips, hot wax (microwavable wax), depilatory creams and plucking.

veet-easy-wax-electrical-roll-on-kit veet-easy-wax-electrical-roll-on-kit

While I did like to use cold wax strips on my legs I found that they didn't get all of the hairs out of my legs, also it left me with what looked like blood blisters. Hot wax while it does a good job at getting all of the hairs out I managed to burn myself with it (very off putting), and it was exceptionally messy getting anything and everything sticky. Depilatory cream works around 90% on me but I find the smell awful, plus you have to keep you arms in the air for five minutes while it gets to work if you want to use it on arm pit hair.


"Discover Veet EasyWax™ Electrical Roll-On - an innovative self-heating wax system with a roll-on applicator for salon wax results at home. Formulated with the same ingredients as the waxes used in waxing salons, Veet wax removes hair from the root at first application, and is effective on hair as short as 2mm.It is specially formulated with natural beeswax for all skin types including sensitive. Skin remains impeccably smooth for up to 4 weeks!" - Boots

veet-easy-wax-electrical-roll-on-kit veet-easy-wax-electrical-roll-on-kit

So the prospect of this electronic roll on wax was interesting, no mess, heats up to only the right temperature but is warm to help the wax stick to the hairs sounded good to me, and exciting to try out.


Inside of the box:
- Self heating device and cap
- 50ml roll on wax with the head for legs (and arms)
- 12 woven strips
- A stand or base 
- Electric wall plug
- Leaflet


To begin I plugged in the device and pushed in the wax refill in to it, popped the cap on and waited for 20 minutes  First thing I noticed was 20 minutes didn't cut it, the wax wasn't flowing and it just didn't work. I waited another 10 minutes and it flowed out much more easily. I ran the wax along my leg and it left a warm strip, then I used a fabric strip and rubbed it over the wax.


Firstly with 2mm leg hairs it just didn't pick anything up, a total waste of time. So I waited another two days and I'd say my leg hairs were about 4mm not an attractive look, but long enough for the wax to be able to grip on to. Plugged it in and waited for 30 minutes  got a good flowing strip of wax down my shin and then came the painful bit. Ripping it off quickly and I'm sure it gets more painful each time! Realistically the pain is about 7-8 out of 10 on my lower legs, which is something I would put up with if it got all of the hairs out.


This is my leg after waxing, yes it is pale and is unfortunately still hairy! My pores are all red and raised from the waxing which is to be expected just afterwards. Again something I would put up with had it have removed all of my leg hair. Prior to waxing I had exfoliated to help prepare the skin for the hair removal, and afterwards I rubbed a finishing wipe over my leg. You do need more than you are provided but you can buy them separately if you so desire, but baby oil on a tissue does the same job I think.


And that is my review, while it did remove some of the hair it didn't remove all of it. It wasn't messy though and I didn't burn myself, however I did need to shave after waxing as they recommend you don't wax the same area twice and my skin had already had enough after one going over with the was as you can see in the photo.

If you are someone who does use wax and likes it then perhaps this is for you.

For me, I think I will stick to my razors! At least then after my 'hair removal session' I am pretty much guaranteed to be hair free, and you can go over bits if you miss a patch.

*EDIT* I let my sister trial this out too and these are her thoughts and comments.

"Works better with a few layers of the wax, four for an optimum waxing experience. If you want to do all of your lower legs then you must be strong willed to continue through it. I was not impressed at the amount of time I had to grow my leg hair for as in that time I couldn't show my legs, after waxing I ended up with red bumps as well. If you were hair free for a month from waxing that would be great, however I found it left around 20% of hairs in my legs which is less than desirable. 

In conclusion to this I believe that shaving is easier and much less painful, less time consuming and while it may seem like a daily chore but it does guarantee a hair free, summer ready, smooth leg solution. I can understand the appeal of waxing however shaving is much more reliable, practical and relatively cheap".


£29.99 - Boots


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