15 June 2013

Empties: May 2013

While I haven't been buying much I have been using things up, which is good!

Lush - Sex Bomb Bath Ballistic
Love this and will continue to purchase this, the scent of jasmine lingers and I like that (full review).
Collection 2000 - French Ivory
This is a sheer polish which is nice for French tips as the name suggests, I won't be repurchasing this because I don't tend to wear a standard french manicure.
Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation
I quite like this foundation, although it is a bit dark for me. The shade True Ivory is more my shade but even then it is a bit dark for me. I won't be repurchasing this shade but I would the True Ivory shade (ivory full review, true ivory review).
Batiste - Wild
This worked as well as any of the Batiste range, I like the packaging it is quite fun. I wasn't too keen on the scent so I won't be repurchasing, although I do have the Cherry one to try next. Not a feminine scent so could be used by anyone, has a musky vaguely vanilla scent.

Lush NEW Shampoo Bar
This is called New but it isn't actually new, I like this shampoo bar because it helps to keep the hair in my head. I seem to shed a lot of hair, it may seem more because I have such long hair, but either way I want to keep the hair I have in my scalp. It smells of cinnamon and I have repurchased this in the past and will continue to do so.
Aussie Miracle Moist Conditioner
I bought this because there was a pricing error and I got it for 10p. It was okay for a standard conditioner but I wouldn't say it left my hair looking or feeling really moisturised. For 10p it is good but for the RRP I wouldn't repurchase.
Original Source - Chocolate and Mint Shower Gel
This shower gel is amazing, I really loved the scent! Smells just like chocolate mint ice cream, I had to hide this as the other half kept trying to use it. I will be repurchasing this.



  1. Haha I can't believe you got the Aussie for 10p, bargain! I love the smell of that stuff but I'm starting to wonder if it's actually doing anything for my hair at all! I do love their 3-minute-miracle though.

    1. Me either, I would have put more on the order if I thought they would put them through for the 10p! I really like the scent and the effectof the 3 min one a lot!


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