9 June 2013

Review: BornPrettyStore - Ring

Whilst I was reviewing the Psy (QA52) Stamping Plate from BornPrettyStore I also got this ring. Now admittedly I have been on a no buy for pretty much this entire year I haven't been on BPS for a while, however it looks as if it has had a make over and now sells all sorts of other non-nail related products. 

They have lots of cute rings, my only concern is the sizing, if the rings aren't adjustable I would automatically think the rings wouldn't fit my sausage fingers. However this particular ring did fit on my little finger which was a bonus.

You may as well go have a look and see if anything catches your eye, the prices are really good and the P&P is free worldwide. I also have a discount code for 10% off if you want to use that.

[item was provided for honest reviewing purposes]


  1. Wow, that's stunning! Really suits you, and I had no idea BPS did rings, definitely checking that out now!!

    Emmy x

  2. Very cute! I get a lot of rings on eBay, had no idea Born Pretty did them too, cheers!

    1. I didn't either, good to have a nose about BPS though :)


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