21 June 2013

Review: Cowshed - Cowslip Hand Cream

cowshed-cowslip-hand-cream-review-enigmatic-ramblesCowshed - Cowslip Hand Cream

"This luxurious hand cream uses spearmint oil for its healing and antibacterial properties as well as petitgrain, peppermint and sweet orange to maintain moisture and restore supple skin for younger looking hands. All in a convenient pocket sized 50ml tube!" - Cowshead

I got this free with a magazine and was quite happy to try out a Cowshed hand cream at a fraction of the price. I really like the packaging, it is black which for me is always a bonus! The product has a flip cap lid which means you can get the right amount out and it doesn't have the slippy hand screw top lid the way in which The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector does.

The scent is a odd mix of peppermint, which does cool your hands down which is great, and sweet orange which seems to be in quite a lot of things I am trying out at the moment. It is citrus like but a warmer more sweeter version.

cowshed-cowslip-hand-cream-review-enigmatic-ramblesConsistency is thinner than a body butter but a little thicker than a normal lotion. It sinks in to your hands really quickly leaving you free to get on with whatever it is you need to.

I enjoyed using this product and it is a nice change to the same floral scented products which have flooded the market. At full price of £8 I think for 50ml it is out my budget however if it is free with a magazine I certainly would be repurchasing that way. If you happen to have a spare £8 to buy a hand cream with then I would suggest trying this.

£8 - 50ml


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