28 June 2013

Review: ELF - Exact Lash Mascara

review-elf-eyes-lips-face-exact-lash-mascara- enigmatic-ramblesJust a quick review for a mascara I have been using for quite a while. This is the Exact Lash Mascara from Eyes Lips Face, which basically is a mini mascara for bottom lashes.

"Achieve thicker, fuller and longer looking lashes that are beautiful and evenly coated. The smaller brush design provides precision application exactly where you want it, so you can coat each and every lash. Great for creating winged lashes and to get target definition for lower lashes. The small mascara wand is specifically designed to be used for the bottom lashes or to target corner individual lashes for precise mascara application" - ELF UK

The claims of thicker, fuller and longer lashes isn't too outrageous. I don't think it particularly adds volume but it does make a difference to your eyes. Wearing mascara on your bottom lashes opens your eyes up and makes your look more finished. When I use a normal mascara I tend to get smudges under my eyes especially with those huge volumising mascara wands.

There is only 3g of product in this tube but seeing as you are only using it to coat your bottom lashes I don't think it matters. I think I would repurchase this because it is great for clumsy people like myself. This is comparable to Clinique's Bottom Lash mascara and that has 2g and is a lot more pricey at around £11.

review-elf-eyes-lips-face-exact-lash-mascara- enigmatic-rambles

£3.75 - 3g

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