2 June 2013

Review: Garnier - Moisture Match Shine be Gone

As you can see this is the tester which I got from here, not sure how long this is going for though. So one of the moisturisers I was recommended was this one, Shine be Gone. I have combination skin and this one is the one out of the three I had high hopes for.

"An oil-free and lightweight cream, enriched with microspheres which help to give a
long-lasting matte effect. The perfect formulation for combination skin, it will help reduce the appearance of shine and give you the fresh matte effect finish you’re looking for. The formula will help to leave your skin feeling hydrated for up to 24 hours" - Garnier

I'd say this left my skin moisturised and about 80% shine free, I would have to wear make up over this but it does make for a good base. Not something I need to go out and buy, I am still liking my matte moisturiser from Asda at the moment for during the day. You can also see the review I did for the Wake Me Up Moisture Match here, and the Protect and Glow here.


1 comment:

  1. This does look pretty good!

    However I've given up on shine free moisturisers, no matter what I am left with shine by midday, I've come to accept it now and pass it off as glowing skin, hehe!




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