7 June 2013

Review: Lush - Ickle Baby Bot Bath Ballistic

 "Exterminate tiredness and send your baby off to the land of nod. Soothe your baby’s bott with our Baby ‘Bot. All the essential oils in this ballistic have been selected for being soothing and calming for baby. Not only does this contain sleep-inducing oils, but everything has been selected to be mild, gentle and soothing for skin and any itchy bits" - Lush

So being in my twenties I may not be the prime target for this product, however being a Lush fiend I thought I would try it and was glad to find someone had bought me it for Christmas. 

I used this in the bath at around 4am, in an attempt to help me sleep. I liked how it wasn't a complicated or dazzling bath ballistic, it didn't have multiple colours spitting out of it or any bits which you sometimes get. Very simple, it turned the bath water a pale blue colour which in itself was nice. Blue tends to evoke feelings of calm, peach and tranquility. As for scents I didn't get any really.

I wasn't feeling itchy before I got in the bath, and I didn't get itchy from taking the bath. So yes it is mild, gentle and calming but nothing majorly sleep inducing. It was nice enough but I think using it as an adult it didn't have such an effect as it might on a screaming child. I really don't know much about them!


Overall the experience was okay but nothing amazing and as an adult recommending it to fellow adults I don't think I would bother. Although it is a lot cheaper than regular Lush bath ballistics so even if you were to try it and not be impressed it isn't wasting much money. If you have a spare £2 in your pocket and wanting to try something new from Lush it wouldn't be a huge let down to opt for this. As for recommending it for children, I can't really comment. Use your own judgement on that one I guess!

£1.90 - Lush UK


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