11 June 2013

Review: Scholl - Dry Skin Recovery Cream

scholl-dry-skin-instant-recovery-cream-care-soft-and-smooth feet-instantly-review-enigmatic-rambles

"If the skin on the feet loses moisture it becomes damaged, rough and flaky - which can look unsightly. Dry skin can feel rough and coarse to touch. The experts and Scholl have developed a special foot skin care cream - Dry skin Instant Recovery Cream. It contains innovative Deep hydrate formula which exfoliates dead, dry skin cells, allowing special moisture boosters to penetrate deep into the skin (upper layers of the epidermis) and promote and effective moisture level. The result is instant restoring, gentle softening and smoother looking effect"  - Boots

scholl-dry-skin-instant-recovery-cream-care-soft-and-smooth feet-instantly-review-enigmatic-rambles
Product Claims
Intense moisture boost
Instantly soft and smooth feet with only one application
Non-greasy & quickly absorbed
Long lasting - 24 hour intensive moisturisation

This product is not specifically for exfoliating, for dry skin, nor for cracked heels. Scholl does do specific products for those problems though if you do happen to have those issues. 
scholl-dry-skin-instant-recovery-cream-care-soft-and-smooth feet-instantly-review-enigmatic-ramblesIn the past I have tried Soap and Glory's Heel Genius and CSS Heel Balm, both of these products are a thick cream which you apply and then wear fluffy socks over night and in the morning you have lovely soft smooth feet. This product isn't like that, it is more of a lotion which you apply and within minutes it dries and leaves your feet moisturised.

As a quick preface my feet aren't particularly dry, they aren't cracked or flaky and are smooth.  This lotion isn't heavy duty or intensive and so meets my needs well, especially during the summer. 

 I found it doesn't make the foot slippy or sticky which means you can put your shoes on and walk in them within five minutes of applying which is great for those days when you want to wear shoes / sandals / flip flops and you weren't expecting too. Which is something which happens a lot in the UK as the weather isn't reliable.

scholl-dry-skin-instant-recovery-cream-care-soft-and-smooth feet-instantly-review-enigmatic-ramblesThe recovery cream is a relatively thin lotion, which helps it to be absorbed fast. It certainly works quickly, without any need for overnight sock wearing, which in the summer can be quite uncomfortable. I found the scent of the dry skin recovery cream to be fresh and clean, typical Scholl scent and the scent did linger on the skin.

Would I recommend it? I think I would because it is quite a unique product, as in you can apply it and then go, without any forward planning. Something I would say though is if you have cracked or flaky feet / heels then perhaps try something else which is more heavy duty. Once you have fixed those issues then you can top up with something such as this cream.

£5.99 - 60ml


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