25 June 2013

Review: Veet - EasyWax Electrical Roll-On Bikini and Underarm Sensitive

I have already reviewed the Veet Electronic Roll-On Wax here, this is the refill for sensitive skin which is specially designed for under arms and bikini line. In order to use this you will need the Easy Wax Electrical Roll-On Kit. The head is around a quarter of the size of the leg refill which is great for getting in to delicate areas. I got this product to review as I am a 'Bzz Agent' you can read more about that here.

In the refill you get:
- 50ml Wax
- 12 Fabric Strips
- 4 Finishing Wipes

I prefer to shave my under arms, however I have tried depilatory cream but find it a pain to have my arms in the air for 5 mins. Plus it smells badly of chemicals which isn't nice, I've also cold wax strips which just didn't work. So I was open to trying waxing on my under arms with something warmer which was more likely to work.

I'd washed and exfoliated my underarms and fully dried them before attempting to wax. The leaflet explains how usually the hair there grows in two different directions and therefore how you were supposed to wax in two sections.

Here are a quick before and after, and it is not a pretty sight. 

Needless to say after the damage it did to my underarm I won't be trying it elsewhere. It did remove the majority of hair from under there but it has given me what looks like blood blisters along with some actual damage as there is some blood on the skin and it is very sore. 

I may try this kit again on my lower legs, as the damage done to those by the wax kit was minimal compared to this. I think my under arms are too sensitive to try waxing and will be sticking with shaving them.

£9.99 - Boots


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