6 June 2013

Swatch: A England - Tristam (The Mythicals)

a-england-swatch-nail-polish-varnish-tristamNot sure why it has taken so long to swatch this polish for but at least I've done it now, and I am glad I have. The polish is a scattered holo and it is totally stunning.

Colour: A blue whereas Lady of The Lake is more of a purple
Finish: Scattered holographic
Brush Type: Standard
How Much? 11ml
Price? £9
From? A England's Mythical Collection


And a bonus photo, slightly out of focus which shows the scattered holographic particles better.

For more pictures do check out these nails I did recently here.



  1. Just thought I'd note ur nails r looking very nice at the moment. Great length, shape and all plus an awesome colour on them too!

    1. Thank you :) I was trying to see which shape they were easier to maintain.


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