8 July 2013

Empties: June 2013

Another month is over and I have more empties for you!


Soap and Glory - Pulp Friction - Body Scrub - Nice enough but I have another one to use up so won't be repurchasing [full review]
Aussie - 3 Minute Miracle - Reconstructor - Leaves my hair smelling really nice and feeling soft and moisturised, this is a must have item for me and I will always repurchase it [full review]
Lush - The Comforter - Bubble Bar - This turns the water bright pink and smells of  blackcurrant, it really helps to perk up my mood [full review]
Lush - Yuzu and Cocoa - Bubbleroon - Interesting concept, while this was nice to use I prefer to use other Lush bath items, ones which smell different [full review]


Lush - Magic Wand - Bubble Bar - I really wanted to like this but it's just not happening. After one bath use the star fell off the stick and so I ended up snapping a corner off the star per bath [full review]
Revlon - Cloud - Got this in Poundland a while back, it was a nice spring colour, used it all up and have others similar enough in colour not to repurchase [swatch post]
Elemis Fresh Skin Deep Clean Purifying Mask - I liked this, it helped with blemishes. A full review will be coming soon.
Elemis Fresh Skin Magical Moisture Quenching Mask - I didn't really find this beneficial for my skin type, a review will be coming soon.
Montagne Jeunesse - Blemish Mud - Mask - Really like this mask, I have bought it a few times and am sure to do it again. It helps with blemishes and visibly helps my skin [full review]

Vintage Collection Rose Hand Cream - A very thick hand cream, scent is very much a strong rose one. I received a couple of these as gifts as while I am happy to use these up they aren't something I would repurchase.
Essence Better Than Gel Nails - Base Sealer - A nice enough base coat, I would repurchase if it were easier to get a hold of. Also the bottles aren't see through which means it is hard to see how much product you have left.
Essence Better Than Gel Nails - Top Sealer - Really glossy, thick and gel like topcoat I really liked this one and it dried quite quickly. I did hear however they changed the formulation of this product.


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