12 July 2013

Review: Barry M - Foundation Créme

Being quite pale is quite problematic when it comes down to foundation and as such I have now got quite a collection of foundations which are too dark for me. So when I saw a white foundation I thought it would be great to mix in with the other foundations to lighten them up so they were actually wearable.

"Suitable for all skin types and available in a complete colour range to provide the perfect base for make-up. The creamy base is enriched with moisturisers and vitamins that help keep skin smooth and supple for all day wear" - Barry M

So I have worn this foundation mixed in with various foundations to lighten them as well as on its own for more theatrical make up looks. So the first thing to note is the packaging,has a screw off lid and it is simple enough and easy to squeeze out as much as you need so no wasting product. 


So the foundation itself is actually very thick and not the easiest to work with, so mixing it with another foundation really does help to thin it out and to make it easier to apply. From a distance the foundation doesn't look bad but close up it really clings to patches and settles in any lines, you can really see this in the photo above. It makes my hand look very wrinkly and the coverage patchy.

Overall I am happy enough with this foundation, I don't use this daily and I actually prefer to use it for dramatic effect for fancy dress etc. Easier to get your hands on than a theater make up base I think too. Mixed with, Rimmel 25 Lasting Foundation it does help lighten it up, I tend to mix a little of that with this on my hand before then applying it and that works. I think it works so well because I don't use much of this product. 

I'm not sure if the other shades of Barry M's foundations are the same thick consistency as I haven't tried any of those. As for if I would repurchase this, possibly. It is difficult to find a white foundation to mix with so depending on if I can find any would be if I would buy this or a different one. So if you have any recommendations do let me know.


  1. It's a great idea and so handy for Halloween looks or Special Effects.

    1. Yeah I liked it for Day of the Dead make up or for RHPS :)

  2. Oh interesting idea. Never actually thought there would be a white foundation somewhere. Sucks it's too thick to be mixed with others though.

    1. You can get white for lightening foundation, but other brands do a darker for darkening foundation. As well as green for colour correction :)


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