24 July 2013

Review: BornPrettyStore 24 Piece Make Up Palette


Package Contains
Setting Powder
24 Eyeshadows
9 Blushes
Size - 15.2cm x 8.5 cm

This make up palette arrived to me exceptionally well packaged, the palette itself had a protective clear plastic sheet between the two sections. Palette comes in its own thick box as shown above, and this was wrapped in foam roll and then placed within a bubble wrap envelope. As such the package arrived from BPS to the UK safely without any damage which is important with this sort of product.

On to the product, you get 24 eyeshadows on one side of the palette;

These are the swatches from left to right;

As you can see all of these eye shadows are shimmer shades, the first row is particularly sheer and leaning on the powdery side. The second row is better and the only poor shade is the silver on the right hand side. Finally the third layer of shadows are all nice enough and easy to work with, I would have preferred a really dark black within the palette but the black provided is buildable.

Six blushers, two eyebrow powders and a setting powder;

Swatches of the four shimmer 'blushes' on the left side;

I would say that these four colours are actually much more appropriate for the eye as they are very shimmery. The pan is also quite small and would be difficult to get a blush brush in there.

Swatches of the two large blushes, two eyebrow powders and setting powder;

However the large two blushers are well pigmented and easy to fit a blush brush in, offering a pink and a peach colour so you could change your look up. I would say that the eyebrow powders are't particularly pigmented however they are perfect for building up, and really make it easy not to go over the top with as it is so easy to accidentally be heavy handed with application.

The setting powder to me was a little odd to have within a palette but makes sense if you are travelling. The powder itself is quite pigmented and so I wouldn't think it would work with a deeper skin tone. It is a little powdery in the pan so can be a bit messy.

Here I used a couple of the eye shadow shades, the lighter of the eyebrow powders and also a dusting of the setting powder

And here is the same eye make up, along with the peach shade blush.

Overall I think this palette could be great for travelling, as it has a wide range of eye shadows, a couple of blushes, eyebrow powders and a setting powder. All else you would have to bring is a foundation, brushes, mascara and lip products. I am quite glad that it doesn't have a lip colour in there because I usually find with those types of palettes messy, and after a few uses of the powder products, powder usually ends up in the lipstick pans.

This would also be great for people just getting in to make up as it give a fair bit of scope to practice with and to see what they like and what they don't before opting for something more pricey. You can create a lot of different yet wearable looks with this.

$14.52 - BornPrettyStore

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  1. Very convenient for travelling, so many products and a mirror!

  2. I like that blusher colour it suits you.

    1. Thank you, I think the two shades are quite universal :)


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