9 July 2013

Review: Sanctuary - Body Wash

sanctuary-body-wash-review-shower-gel-enigmatic-ramblesSanctuary Body Wash

"Sanctuary Body Wash is an aromatic body wash infused with essential oils and spices to gently cleanse and condition, whilst moisturising capsules of sesame oil and jojoba burst on the skin to help leave it feeling soft and silky smooth" - Boots Website

This isn't something I would go and buy myself as it screams to me upmarket woman in 30's wanting a spa at home, also it smells a bit spicy which isn't my thing. However I was given it for Christmas and have now used it up and feel as if I can review it. 

So firstly the claims of it being infused with essential oils and spices, yes it does smell that way. In a warm, mulled wine sort of a way. Product is mildly warming to the skin but nothing really worth noting.

There are little orange beads inside of the shower gel which gives a very light exfoliation, now Sanctuary say these burst on the skin which help moisturise. I didn't find these beads did anything to be honest and while the shower gel left me clean I was still in need of a body lotion afterwards.

Packaging - For some reason this as well as other products in the range has two lids. Which is one too many, who needs to faff on removing two in the shower. The top one comes off and the orange one inside flicks up. 

The consistency of the body wash was very much gel like and you needed to squeeze the bottle pretty hard to get enough out. The bottle itself was a little too tough to physically squeeze with wet hands which was moderately annoying.

I am 95% sure that this product is the ranges signature scent, it is a bit warm spice, woody, powder and a little of vanilla. Scent is none offensive and I am sure quite pleasant to other peoples noses.

Overall I didn't mind getting this as a gift it was completely usable, however I wouldn't go out of my way to request this product or purchase it myself.

£5.50 - 250ml



  1. I'm not really into fancy shower gels, I like Radox smoothies or the big Soap & Glory sets at Christmas, but I do love the smell of the Sanctuary lotions.

    1. The two I like the most right now are Lush Snow Fairy and Original Source Chocolate and Mint, both smell amazing :)


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