19 July 2013

Review: V05 - Miracle Concentrate

V05 - Miracle Concentrate

"This one is a little gem. Containing Argan Oil, known to be high in Vitamin E, rich in anti-oxidants, our miracle concentrate will provide ultimate hydration. Intensely conditioning and not only protecting your hair from blow drying. The result is unbelievably smooth and silky soft hair with luminous shine...genius!" - V05

I am now using my second bottle of this and I generally like it. I use this in various ways, on wet hair which really does improve drying time. My hair can remain damp from washing for a very long time if I leave it to dry naturally. This speeds it up for some reason which is a nice bonus.  You can use this for protecting hair while blow drying which again really does help speed up drying time. 

I use this on dry hair as a serum, to help flyways and stop my hair turning 'fluffy'. Finally I use this as a treatment, using it on dry hair and using more allowing it to work its wonders over night before washing it out the following morning. It makes my hair feel really soft and silky. It leaves a slightly sticky residue on my hands after using it, nothing too much and nothing which transfers on to the hair.

Miracle Concentrate is a thinner oil than say the Moroccan Oil but thicker than John Frieda Full Repair Perfect Ends serum. The scent is nice, not of oil at all and it does linger slightly in your hair which is nice. 

The packaging is the only issue I have, it has a dropper pipette which screws off which is so much more easy to use than the Moroccan Oil however I find it a bit of a pain to have to screw the top back on after using as usually my hands are slippy. I have managed to knock a full bottle on the floor and wasted about half of the product this way. A pump would suit me a lot more. The bottle is made from plastic though so that didn't shatter the way the Moroccan one would have. This does last for a fair while and I am sure if I hadn't of dropped it would have lasted a lot longer!

Over all I like this product and I like how it makes my hair look, feel and smell. It is cheaper than a lot of other hair oils out there on the market which for me is important. I have already repurchase this and chances are will continue to do so.

£5.19 - 50ml

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