3 August 2013

Empties: July 2013

July was a very hot month here in the UK, but that didn't stop me from using up products.

TRESemmé Shampoo - This was a very weird shampoo, it was a thick gel like consistency. I found it worked alright but the consistency was not for me so won't be repurchasing.
 TRESemm√© Conditioner - Again this was alright for a every wash conditioner but it wasn't anything special so won't be repurchasing.
Alberto Balsam Shampoo - This shampoo is awful, after one use it gave me dandruff! Needless to say it got relegated to be a make up brush shampoo, which worked well and made my brushes smell nice.

Miss Sporty - 220 - Just a basic dark red shimmer polish, I won't be repurchasing as I have lots of other red shimmer polishes.
ELF - Matte Top Coat - As you can see this isn't empty, I tried it again and it didn't work properly. Left my nails looking all white and patchy.
Boots - Strawberry Lipsalve - Basic, smells of artificial strawberries and has no colour to it. I didn't mind this one but realistically I have a lot of spare lip balms kicking about to use up first.
MUA - Kiss Proof Lip Stain - Overall I wasn't impressed with this, it dried my lips out and dried out quickly too. Plus the colour pay off isn't that good.
Boots - Cotton Wool Balls - I wouldn't usually include these, however I was very impressed with these. The balls are quite big and thick, I could tear one of these in to ten pieces for polish removal. Really nice quality and I will be repurchasing these.


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