8 August 2013

Review: Batiste - XXL Plumping Powder

Batiste XXL Plumping Powder

"Batiste XXL Plumping Powder is perfect for creating an instant amplified effect for roots and big styles. A light shake of this weightless powder works in texture and adds maximum volume to give your hair perfect body without back-combing! Hair looks catwalk ready in an instant and will last as long as you do!" - Boots

Currently I have very long hair, it is naturally quite straight. It doesn't hold a curl very well at all and due to its length it is quite heavy and getting any sort of volume at the root is near impossible. However this is where this comes in, it is a fine white powder which you sprinkle at the root and rub it in and you have volume galore. I was sent this product to review, as always this doesn't affect my honest opinion.

The product comes in a little tube with a sifter type opening, this is perfect for sprinkling directly on the roots. You don't get a white cast in the hair from this and there is no scent to it.

I was really shocked at how well this volumising product works, in the past I have tried volumising mousse and foams and while they worked a little bit they were not a patch on this. This really made me quite shocked at the amount of volume in my hair, I hadn't seen my hair with such volume since I had bob length hair.

The first photo is my hair as it is if I don't do anything with it, the second is when I rub my roots in order to get any volume. As you can see there isn't that much difference between the two. As a side note, I am aware of my bad hair colour, I am planning on dyeing it soon but am being too indecisive at the moment to choose which colour! Do I want to try purple again, or just give up and go black again?

These photos are of the product applied to the root, I wanted to say with a little jujing but have no idea how to spell that or if it is even a word! My face a covered as it was make up free, saved your eyes from bleeding there!

It is a little bit sticky so it is something you want to wash out the next day, but the pay off you get is completely worth it. Also it isn't sticky as in you need to wash your hands afterwards. I have been using it to get a bump at the front of my hair, before I used back combing but I don't really like doing that as it can be damaging. It also helps my hair not lie so flat against my head so I can attempt that messed up beach hair look.

Recently it has been hot and I have been using this on the hair roots near to my ears so that I can wear my hair back and up but with enough volume to cover my sticky out ears! 

Also I have been using this not just on the roots but on the lengths of my hair to add volume to a side plait. The first photo is product free, the second has product in it and the third is with product and pulled out. This holds better too and even if you didn't want to pull at the plait to make it wider it is actually wider just through using the plumping powder.

£3.99 - 5g



  1. I have sticky out ears too! I do the same thing with my hair if I have to tie it up, and everyone laughs and/or tells me I'm being silly. It's made me really happy to know I'm not the only one!
    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey : )

    1. I'm glad I shared my own experience now :D thank you for commenting!

    2. It's nice 2 know there are other serial backcombers out there!
      And I'm sure your face is lovely without make up, nowhere near eye-bleeding levels : ) plus you have awesome style, it's so nice to see someone with an alternative fashion sense blogging...... most beauty bloggers don't love black as much as I do! It's annoying : D

    3. Thank you, your comment made my day :D

      I know my blog will never be really popular because it is a bit alternative so its a little more niche but that's fine by me. I am glad to know that it is appreciated though, have you a blog?

  2. I don't have one......yet. I am collecting pictures of all my manis though, cos I'm planning on starting one soon. I do nail art all day every day for my business anyway, so not too sure why I havn't already. I've even thouht of a name - penny-pinching polish : D
    I wanted to ask, are your nails real? And if so what do you feed them to make them grow so long? I'm super jealous of them!

    1. Yes my nails are real, I find acrylics or any sort of extensions annoying. I have nubbins again now, but they are only nails and they will grow again. I think the reason for them getting so long this time was down to using the DIY Zoya + remove. My nails aren't getting dehydrated from using normal remover. Also my nails grow faster in the summer for some reason :)

  3. I made up some of that recently too. It's made a huge difference to my cuticles already, and I scented it with peppermint oil so it's smells lovely. It's insane that Zoya get away with the price of theirs, considering how cheap it is to make!

    1. I completely agree! What did you use to scent it with? Someone recommended someone on etsy that did amazing scents but they don't ship to England.

    2. Just some pure peppermint essential oil from ebay. I use it in my oil burner too, but I actually bought it to make a scalp cooling spray when I had my synthetic dreads in! I think it cost me about 2 or 3 quid, and I've barely made a dent in the little bottle : )

    3. Now oil for an oil burner I have plenty of, I wasn't sure if it was the same stuff. :D


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