9 August 2013

Review: Powder Puff (Beauty Blender Dupe)

Usually I apply my liquid foundation with my ELF Studio Powder Brush, this gives a good full coverage foundation especially when using Revlon ColorStay (review coming soon). However this summer I have wanted to have a lighter coverage foundation but I find it difficult to part with my ColorStay and tinted foundations are not for me, I find they don't last on the skin and really don't offer much coverage and for some reason I am not one for using a concealer.

I had been using my fingers which really does help to get a medium coverage from the ColorStay which is something I really was enjoying. I had been meaning to get a Beauty Blender dupe for some time as £16 for a make up sponge really is out of my budget, besides I didn't really get along with standard make up sponges.

This brings us to the Beauty Blender dupe, this one is from BornPrettyStore and is a fraction of the price, around £2.15. The Beauty Blender comes in a elliptical shape where as this one nips in at the sides, I find these help with holding the sponge.

I use this by pumping some of my liquid foundation on to the back of my hand, and the dip the end of the sponge in to it and then begin bouncing it over my face. I twist it around and use the smaller end for getting foundation in to the corner of my eyes, under my eyes and around my nose. 

This make up sponge is dense and well made, it will last rather than falling to pieces after a couple of uses.

As you can see my skin is far from perfect, but I find that applying my liquid foundation with the dampened sponge really does help me to get a light coverage. Over areas which need a little more coverage I bounce over the area with a little more foundation. This gives a really airbrushed finish and makes my make up look light and not overly made up base wise.

Overall I really am liking using this to apply my foundation, especially now in the summer. I imagine that when I want a full coverage foundation I will go back to using the ELF brush, but for a light coverage foundation I am enjoying using this. Makes my foundation sit better and the application is quite quick too.

While I was sent this to review, as usual this won't effect my opinion, no point in lying about a product. I will be repurchasing a couple of these myself as I genuinely liked and would recommend this product.

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