1 August 2013

Swatch: Look Beauty Nail Pop - Pearl Effect 20

This is the second of the two Look Beauty Nail Pop's which I currently own, there are a couple of others I like the look of but for now I own this Pearl Effect top coat which is a blue flakie. Along with Sequin Effect which is a orange / green duochrome flakie topcoat. Again I have swatched this over a black cremé polish.

This is very similar if not a dupe for Maybelline Cosmic Flash and Claire's Iridescent.


I think it looks quite nice with a matte topcoat.
W7 - Black
George @Asda - Matt Topcoat


  1. I like the matte, some look better with that effect. George at Asda Matte top coat rocks :)New follower :) x

    1. Thank you for the follow. I really like it with the matte too :)


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