24 August 2013

Swatch: Ylin Mood Changing Polish - #7

This is a 'mood changing' polish, that said it changes colour based on temperature. I have another one of these polishes, in the shade 15 which is purple and pink. This particular polish is blue when warm and purple when cold, as I have long nails it gives a French manicure look to the nail where the length is colder than the nail bed.


This is two coats of the polish with a topcoat, I think that three coats would be ultimate opacity. I ran my fingers under the warm water tap and got this colour on my nails;


And this is the colour which happened once I ran my fingers under the cold water tap;


If you want to see how quick of a colour change this polish offers then you can in the video below.

I was bought this polish for my birthday from BornPrettyStore. If you wanted to get 10% off your order then you can using my special discount code.


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