16 August 2013

Tutorial: How To Fix a Broken Nail with Fibreglass


Those who may have been following my blog for some time may already know that I like to fix my nails with torn up teabag! I don't actually drink tea so thought it was about time to get some fibreglass to help me repair my nails.

The fibreglass strip I got cost £3.30 including P&P and is a length of 180cm so enough to last for some time, now this is what I do, although if you can do swap out the nail glue for brush on resin which is better.


Steps are as follows;


1) Broken nail - this one is just about too low to trim. Sometimes I get breaks a lot further down which isn't much fun.

2) Using brush on nail glue, dab it over the nail and in the break to glue it back together.

3) Cut a piece of fibreglass from the strip, big enough to cover the break.

4) Peel the patch off the backing and stick it on to your nail. the advantage this has over actual teabag is that it is sticky on the back and holds itself in place while you are working on gluing it.

5) Using brush on nail glue (you could use normal nail glue but that can get a little messy) cover the patch and allow it to dry.

6) Cover the patch again with nail glue and allow to dry.

7) Once the glue is dry you can move on to filing the patch and buffing it to get a smooth finish.

8) Go ahead and paint on your polish as usual, I used A England's Sleeping Palace.

BONUS TIP - Use none acetone polish remover to remove polish without melting off the repair. This should hold around five to ten polish changes, if the patch breaks or melts off then go ahead and apply a new patch to the nail break.



  1. Such a brilliant tip, looks much more sturdy than a teabag!

    1. It really is, that's why I had to share :) especially for the price.


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