12 September 2013

Empties: August 2013

This past month I seem to have gone through a lot of products using them up. I was surprised with the amount of empties I found in the bag I keep the empty things in.

Avon - Blackberries and Vanilla - Bubble Bath - Nice enough and you do get a lot of product in here, I would consider buying this again, perhaps in a different scent.

Lush - Sex Bomb - As always I really like this, the scent lingers a long time on your skin too [review].

Passion Fashion - Rose and Ylang Ylang Bath Bomb - This left a lot of flower in the bath, and the scent was particularly of rose and ylang ylang (as you would hope) but they aren't my favourite scents so won't repurchase.

Primark - Strawberry - Body Butter - Quite liked this, was cheaper than the Body Shop ones as while it was more of a lotion than a butter it was still nicely moisturising.

Tesco - Antibacterial - Hand Gel - This one was green and I think aimed at children. It was quite cheap and did it's job. 

Lazyhead - Dry Shampoo - This was from Poundland and while it did work the scent was awful. I found it to be almost cigarette smoke like. Not something I liked using at all.

Impulse - Into Glamour - I picked this up last minute, not something I would usually buy. The scent was quite musky but not something I would buy again.

Superdrug - Vitamin E - Nourishing Night Cream - Really nice night cream, absorbs quite quickly, lasted 8 months and left my face without any dry patches the next day. I would buy it again.

Flava Craze - Sour Apple Chap Stick - A little childish but I like the crazeberry flavour and that only came in packs of three along with this one.

Flava Craze - Crazeberry Chap Stick - I like this scent, I have that many lipbalms / chapsticks though I won't be repurchasing it.

Sally's - Non Acetone Remover - Cheap and you do get 500ml, however even though this is acetone free I find it still leaves my nails and fingers white afterwards. Very dehydrating.

Sally's - Acetone Remover - This is a good price again for 500ml, I do go through this quickly and want to get a bigger one but finding it in stock is a pain. I will repurchase though.

Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream - Great light blue, I would have repurchased if I didn't get a very similar colour given for my birthday (Maybelline - Cool Blue) [swatch].

Barry M - Berry Ice Cream - Another one I really liked, soft lilac polish, quite similar to ELF Lilac and Sally Hansen's Delphinium [swatch].


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