14 September 2013

Hair: Purple Adventures

The last you saw of my adventures in hair dye was in August last year, I then left it alone for a while before attacking with bleach and then trying to dye it again.

This shows how violet my hair ended up, more of a violet under layer of hair;


Do ignore my old t-shirt, I always wear it when dyeing my hair because I am so clumsy and dye everything so best to have an old top (trousers also...). This is after bleaching my hair again to try and lift the black dye from my hair. My hair before;


After using directions hair dye in plum;

directions-plum-hair-dye directions-plum-hair-dye directions-plum-hair-dye

Very dark, almost black with a very slight purple tinge

directions-plum-hair-dye directions-plum-hair-dye

Don't think I did a bad job at cutting my own hair, not the easiest thing to do is cut your own hair straight at the back! Also this post has been sitting for around ten months in draft form, I have since tried again at purple hair. But that will be another post, hopefully I will post it sooner than this one!


  1. My hair was dyed black before, and I bleached the HELL out of it to make it really blonde before using semi-permanant brights. My hair's naturally dark brown too, so it put up a bit of a fight, but you see how purple I usually manage to get it!
    If you get damage from bleaching, try using Tresemme's Split Remedy range. I tried them after a tip I found via labmuffin's blog. That stuff will stick it back together for you untill you can bear to get a trim. Not a permanant fix of course, but the next best thing to just cutting it off!
    By the way, I think the violet underlayer thing looks really awesome anyway!

    1. I have another post coming soonish with my hair, its gotten a lot purpler now. What dye did you use to get yours that bright? I'm not sure if I want to try for longer to get purple hair or just go black again because it is so much more easier.

      I tried that shampoo and conditioner a while back but didn't notice much difference. Then again I don't think my hair was damaged to begin with! I think I will try it again now and see if it helps as its a bit damaged now.


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