18 September 2013

Nerd Nail Challenge: Game of Thrones

So today is another challenge and another one I haven't read or watched. From what I gather there is a lot of plaits and quite intricate hair styles going on. Other than that I don't know anything about it! Which is why I have attempted to do some fishtail braided nails.


Polishes used:
Jacava - Damson Delight
ELF - Chocolate
ELF - Smoky Brown
Models Own - Gun Grey
W7 - Black
La Femme - Grey Cream 100

Silver Acrylic Paint


  1. Gorgeous mani, the braids are gorgeous! I haven't watched much of Game of Thrones but braids and violence pretty much sums it up!!

  2. It's so worth watching even if it 's just the first season, so good!
    Anway nerd vomit over love the plaits, I wouldn't have the patience!x

    1. Lol, nerd vomit! Thanks, it tool longer than I had anticipated but got there in the end :)


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