16 October 2013

33 Day Nail Challenge: 3D

Finally after around a year of sitting on my polish shelves I have used the MUA Nail Constellation and this particular one is in Libra. These are caviar / micro beads in the colour black and a teal colour.


W7 - Black
MUA Constellation - Libra

The micro beads come in a small glass bottle holding 15g which is 5g more than in the mini Ciaté bead bottles. The funnel lid is made from a flexible plastic and has a screw top to keep the bead in the bottle. I found that using the funnel too apply the beads a little bit messy and after you had tipped it up the funnel soon clogged. I preferred to pour out some of the beads on to a folded piece of paper and dip my finger with the wet polish over the top of the beads. From there it was easy to pour the excess beads back in to the bottle.


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