26 October 2013

ELF Top Ten Products

I originally did this post in the summer of 2011, but time for an updated version I think! Eyes Lips Face (ELF) have grown their product range over the years and I have tried quite a lot of these. I thought I would share my top ten picks of products I recommend you try. These are great for people new to the make up world as well as those who have been wearing it for years.

First thing to note is if you are wanting to place an order right now then I would check their Facebook (UKUSA) account to see if they have any discounts or offers currently on. If not, wait as the offers are frequent.

1)  Studio Eyeshadow
I recommend these if you know what colours you already like, if not then a palette of various shades is probably a good bet as you can have a play about with the colours and see which suit you and which you like. 

The shades I am recommending are Raspberry Truffle, Amethyst and Sea Blue as they are all well pigmented. Charcoal is a shade which is not very well pigmented and as such I don't recommend that one.

2) Tone Correcting Powder / Complexion Perfection
Both of these are a mouthful to try and say however they are the same product. Originally it was Complexion Perfection but more recently they changed it to the Tone Correcting Powder which comes in three different shades, Cool, Warm and Shimmer. I am recommending the Cool toned one for paler skins however if you are a darker skin tone then the Warm is most likely more suited to your colouring. See the full review here.

Why am I recommending it? I like to use it as a setting powder over a liquid foundation. I find it helps it to stay put longer as well as helping moderately with colour correcting, for example green counteracts redness in the skin. 

3) Eyebrow Kit
The studio eyebrow kits currently come in a range of four shades, Ash, Light, Medium and Dark. They come with two pans, one with a pigmented wax which you apply first and then set it with the powder. The double ended brush which comes with this kit is actually quite good if a little small. Usually mini brushes which come with make up sets tend to not be very good, but this breaks the mold on that one.

Why am I recommending it? Because the eyebrows frame the face, bare in mind that your eyebrows are sisters and not twins therefore if they don't look identical then don't panic. Also the older you get you often loose the pigmentation in your eyebrows so doing them helps you to look younger. I use the shade light and you can see the full review for this here.

4) Mineral Infused Face Primer
This is the product that got me back in to make up, I wanted something like Urban Decay's Primer Potion but for the face. Also I didn't want to pay through the nose for it! Basically this is a gel product which helps to minimise pores, stop the oils in your face breaking down the foundation and helps make up not cling to dry patches. It also minimises fine lines (but don't expect it to hide wrinkles) and helps make up to stay where you want it for longer.

I think it would be good for teenagers which oily skin, but don't think that it is only good for those as there are other benefits which I listed before. Plus the packaging has improved so you no longer need to hack it open with a knife / saw. You can see the full review for this here.

5) Studio Mascara - Lengthening and Volumising
This actually now comes in both waterproof and none waterproof so depending on your preferences you can choose between the two, as well as being in a colour option of black and dark brown. I prefer the black none waterproof one as it is easy to wear and easy to remove without scrubbing at your lashes.

Why am I recommending this? As I find it to be a great everyday mascara, when you don't necessarily need huge long false lash effect lashes. I find this gives my longer looking and slightly voluminous lashes which look quite natural but better than my own. I wore this for my wedding and it looked really nice photographed too.

6) Eyeshadow Primer / Mineral Eyeshadow Primer
I previously mentioned the Urban Decay Primer Potion which I was faithful to for many years but I was always on the look out for something cheaper as it is quite expensive. Luckily in more recent years pretty much all make up brands have brought out there own eye shadow primers.

A while back I did a comparison of both the standard line and the mineral line eyeshadow primers (review 1, review 2). I found that there was a slight difference in the amount of time they held up, however the time difference was only around an hour and a half with the mineral primer. The mineral primer lasting the same amount of time as the Urban Decay. So I would recommend either of the primers as there isn't much difference in the time they held up.

7) Mineral Lipstick
Which the regular line lipsticks are nice I didn't find the colour range very wide and the packaging didn't seem as durable or the product as long lasting as the mineral lipsticks. I like the following shades, Barely Bitten, Ripe Rose, Beautiful Berry, Cheerful Cherry, Fiery Fuchsia and Rich Raspberry. The only shade I have which I didn't like was Natural Nymph. There are currently 18 shades to choose from, although if you are on a tight budget do check out the essential range as that shade range is growing now too.

8) Nail Polish
I do like how wide the ELF polish range is, they have quite a lot of colours to choose from. What I would say is that the have gone up in price so rather than being £1.50 they are now £2.50. The majority of the polishes I have tried have been good but there has been the odd dud one, where perhaps the brush wasn't cut properly or you needed to do 3 or 4 coats to get a good opacity. But on the whole they are alright, and if you were to get a dud one I have only had positive experiences with customer services.

9) Cream Eyeliner
This is the along the same lines as MAC Blacktrack Fluid Line or Bobby Brown Long Lasting Eyeliner, it lasts in the waterline and the black is particularly pigmented. The other colours you will have to work with and go over a few times but once on they stay on. I recommend the black one though as it is good on the waterline, tightline and as a standard eyeliner. I have the shades Gunmetal, Teal, Coffee, Plum Purple and Midnight. Just remember to put the lid on and store it upside down to help prolong the life of the product.

10) Mineral Blusher
I really like the shade Joy, it is a very light subtle pink so I doubt that it would show up on deeper skin tones. That said there is a range of colours which are more pigmented which would look great on darker skin tones, I have a darker shade but just have to be very careful with it otherwise I would look like Aunt Sally. If none of the mineral blushes shades catch your eye then the studio ones are good too, I like Berry Merry.


Extra! Brush Picks
Eyeshadow Brush - Great for packing on a colour all over the lids - review
Blending Brush - Nice for blending our the hard edges of the eyeshadow - review
Eye Crease Brush - Small enough to fit in the eye crease and blend out a deeper colour - review
Studio Powder Brush - Dense flat brush good for stippling on liquid foundation for a full coverage foundation look - review

All brushes wash well too.



  1. I used to love Complexion Perfection, such a good setting powder and not at all cakey. I'm using powders for more coverage now but they all tend to get cakey so I'll go back to Complexion Perfection! Great post, great recommendations! :D

    1. I totally agree, the only thing is it can be quite a pale finish. Although there is now a darker one so if you aren't pale that one should work well for you :)


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