29 October 2013

Make Up: Making Red Eyeshadow Work

Making red eye shadow work can be difficult, red near the eyes often makes you look like you have been crying which is never a good look. It is possible though to make it work, this particular eye shadow is a pigment which is a deeper cranberry shade with a metallic finish.

wearing-red-eye-shadow-pigment wearing-red-eye-shadow-pigment

It comes with a stopper on top of the pigment which really helps to stop it from getting very messy.


There wasn't actually any fall out either time that I used this which is surprising considering it is a pigment, I would however recommend using a guard or just hold a piece of tissue under the eye just in case.


When the light hits the shadow it does pick up the shimmer.


Excuse my misbehaving eyebrow
I think that it is important when trying to pull off a red eye shadow is to wear a black eye liner as it helps to break up the red from the eye. I blended in a black eye shadow in to the crease which again helped my eyes not to look red and inflamed when they were open. Also I would say applying it on the top lid only does help. The shade of red is another important choice, primary red shadow would be more difficult to work with. Although it can still be done. If you want to try red eye shadow then go for it, it is possible.

I bought this eye shadow pigment myself from BuyInCoins for £1.04


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